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Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bug bites can most often be treated on your own. Over-the-counter pain medicines and anti-itch creams can both help to soothe more mild symptoms.

Bed bug bites resulting in mild symptoms can be treated with a few at-home remedies: baking soda and water, aloe vera gel, witch hazel, toothpaste, and more!

Getting rid of all of the bed bugs in your home requires help from a professional bed bug control expert who will use heat treatments, steam treatments, and more.

Baking soda is supposed to dehydrate bed bugs, killing them effectively. However, there is no hard evidence that this works to eliminate whole infestations.

While professional treatment always works best against bed bugs, there are multiple options for DIY bed bug control, like vacuuming and high heat washing.

When you have bed bugs, it is recommended that you wash infested materials in hot water. Be careful when taking your infested items to the laundry room.

No, it is not necessary to throw away your food after a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs to not scavenge for our food and are rarely found in our pantries.

No, in fact, you should actually avoid moving your infested mattress anywhere. This process could spread bed bugs to other places in your home.

While bed bugs don’t often infest carpets, it’s important to vacuum well when they do. Also, be careful throwing out your vacuum cleaner bags!

Before your bed bug treatment, you will receive instructions from your pest control company. These will include vacating your property for a few hours.