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Rodents are infamous for being filthy pests that are dreaded by all property owners. Rats and mice are resilient creatures that can hide in the smallest of cracks within your home, making them especially difficult to locate and remove. If you’ve seen a rat or mouse inside your home, it’s time to call for rodent extermination from a professional pest control company. At Springer Professional Home Services, our mice exterminators promise to not only control any infestation you’re currently dealing with, but also prevent future ones from occurring!

Rat & mice identification

Signs you have a rodent infestation

Keep rodents out of your home

Dangers of rodents in Iowa

When to call a rodent exterminator

When it’s time to call a rodent exterminator

Although they are experts at hiding, rodents aren’t hard to miss once they’re out in the open. As soon as you notice the signs of rats or mice (droppings, noises, gnaw marks, odors, etc.), it’s time to call a rodent control company. The mice exterminator team at Springer implement the following rodent extermination services:

  • A thorough property inspection to locate any nests or entry points that may be letting rats and mice indoors.
  • Discreet application of monitoring stations and non-toxic traps to monitor rodent activity.
  • Creating a detailed report to outline the rodent extermination treatment and provide tips on rodent control and prevention.

Why rodent extermination is necessary
Rat and mice exterminators and control at Springer Professional Home Services in Des Moines, Iowa

In addition to being simply gross, rodent droppings can cause a serious health hazard. Rat and mouse feces can spread bacteria, contaminate food, and even cause allergic reactions in humans. In rare cases, their droppings carry dangerous illnesses including hantavirus, the bubonic plague, salmonellosis, and more. This and more is enough reason to prove why an experienced rodent exterminator is needed when you’re dealing with an infestation inside your property.

Mice exterminator services

Seeing one mouse or rat in your home likely means there are many more hidden nearby. Although there are many DIY rodent control solutions out there, they will not be effective in protecting you from rats and mice long-term. For a rodent exterminator you can count on, call the experts at Springer today!


Reliable rodent control services

No one wants to see a rodent scampering across the floor in their home or business. Even when you’ve done all you can to prevent them, these pesky intruders can still make their way into your home. Because they carry disease and filth, as well as cause structural damage, calling a mice exterminator for help is required. The rodent exterminators at Springer know how distressing rodent infestations can be, which is why we’re committed to preventing them in the first place.

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