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It’s safe to say bed bugs are one of the most dreaded pests in households and hotels. Not only do bed bugs infest your mattresses and furniture, they feed on blood and will leave their hosts with tiny bites and rashes. Even worse, they are expert hiders and can be difficult to locate without the help of a trained eye. If you notice the signs of bed bugs in your property, it’s time to call the experts at Springer for an inspection!

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Understanding bed bug habits

Catching a bed bug problem in its early stages is essential to keeping the problem from getting worse, and being aware of the behaviors of bed bugs is the key. For the most part, bed bugs are found hiding in mattresses, baseboards, upholstered furniture, and even light switches or power outlets. They are nocturnal and thus usually only seen at night, which is when they will emerge to feed.

Are bed bug bites dangerous?Bed bug exterminators and control at Springer Professional Home Services in Des Moines, Iowa

One of the main concerns with bed bugs is their bites. Because they require a blood meal to live and reproduce, bed bugs will feast on their host while they are still overnight. Bed bug bites often appear in zigzag patterns on areas of the body that are exposed while sleeping. While they do not transmit diseases or cause any danger, bites can lead to rashes and welts in serious cases.

Signs of a bed bug infestation

In addition to the most obvious sign of bed bugs (bites on your skin), there are a number of other signs that indicate you have an infestation on your hands:

  • Small reddish-brown spots on linens, which result from the bugs being crushed
  • The exoskeletons (hard shell of a bed bug) in bedding, mattress or any other area you suspect is infected
  • Tiny dark spots that look like pepper, which is their excrement.
  • Skin rashes on exposed parts of the body during the night are a common symptom of bed bugs.

Professional bed bug removal

DIY bed bug control is not a viable option. Bed bugs are elusive pests and it almost always takes a professional pest control company to get rid of them completely. At Springer, we are proud to offer K-9 inspections that are highly accurate at sniffing out bed bugs along with effective treatment options. Our IPM methods enable us to focus on the sources of infestations, which is why we will work to not only remove bed bugs from your home, but keep them from ever returning.

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