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Bed bugs are feared by any homeowner and for good reason. These tiny insects are more than a nuisance—they will leave bites and rashes on your skin as they feed. Getting infested with bed bugs can seem like something out of a nightmare, and infestations must always be handled by a professional. Knowing the first signs that you may have a bed bug problem is crucial to tackling the issue before it grows out of control. 

What do bed bug bites look like?

The most obvious sign that you are dealing with bed bugs is the appearance of bed bug bites on your skin. These tiny bugs survive off of blood meals and typically feed at night when their target is at rest. Upon first glance, their bites appear like other types of insect bites and appear on parts of the body that are exposed while sleeping. For some people or in more serious cases, bites can cause the victim to experience itchy hives, rashes, or welts. Bites are often arranged in lines or zigzag patterns on the arms or legs.

Telling signs of bed bugs

It can be easy to identify a bed bug problem by examining the spots where they’re most commonly found. The following things found on the fabric surfaces of beds or furniture may help indicate an infestation:

  • Red or rusty stains, which result from bed bugs being crushed.
  • Tiny eggs or eggshells. If seen, eggshells are typically a pale yellow color.
  • Dark spots that are a little bigger than the size of a period, which is excrement.
  • Seeing bed bugs themselves, often grouped together.

Where do bed bugs hide?

If you think you have bed bugs but can’t find the above signs, your next step is looking in the lesser-known areas where these bugs reside. Piping, seams, and the tags on a mattress or piece of furniture are known to be prime spots for bed bugs, along with cracks in a bed frame or headboard. It’s important to remember that bed bugs are nocturnal, making it more difficult to find them during the daytime. Your best bet at locating them is to search for them during the evening when they are most active.

Professional bed bug treatments

Handling a bed bug infestation on your own is simply out of the question if you want to completely control the population. Bed bugs can survive a range of temperatures and are known to hide in small spaces. This makes their populations particularly apt at spreading. Getting rid of bed bugs can be complex and also occasionally requires the use of high heat or chemicals. At Springer Professional Home Services, we have the experience and resources to get rid of bed bugs effectively as well as keep them from returning.

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Signs & Symptoms of Bed Bugs in Des Moines

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