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Beetles commonly infest both homes and businesses around Des Moines IA. Whether you have pantry beetles, carpet beetles, or otherwise, beetle extermination is always best left to a professional pest control company. With so many different beetle species in the area, it can be hard to identify which ones you’re dealing with, making beetle removal all the more difficult. Beetles spread quickly and can create a multitude of problems around your home or business, but the team at Springer Professional Home Services can provide full-service beetle removal on all types of properties around Des Moines IA.

Ground beetles in Des Moines IA - Springer Professional Home Services

Types of Beetles in Iowa

The beetles living around Des Moines IA take on many shapes and sizes. You might find them in your yard, your pantry, your cabinets, or elsewhere. The most common beetles in Des Moines include:

Beetle Control with Springer Professional Home Services

Our beetle exterminators know from experience how frustrating an infestation can be, especially when left untreated by professionals for too long. That’s why we work quickly and diligently to get rid of beetles on our customers’ properties. Here are our 5 steps to beetle pest control:

  1. A property-wide inspection to figure out what the active species is and where they are coming from
  2. Discernment and application of the most pertinent beetle control products available
  3. Locating and sealing of all active and potential entry points that beetles could takeJapanese beetle identification in Iowa - Springer Professional Home Services
  4. A complete beetle removal report detailing every step of the process
  5. As needed, further beetle pest control services and prevention advice to help you stay beetle-free

How to Get Rid of Beetles Effectively

If you’ve tried to conduct your own pest control for beetles, chances are you’ve experienced the disappointment that comes with using inconsistent store-bought beetle control products or making your own DIY solutions. The best way to get rid of beetles quickly and for good is to hire your local beetle exterminators to get the job done. At Springer Professional Home Services, we conduct environmentally-responsible beetle removal services that catch every last one and keep them away into the future.

When You Need Pest Control for Beetles

As soon as you notice a beetle infestation in your home or business, it’s time to seek out the help of your local pest control experts. With a special ability to proliferate under the radar, a beetle infestation can quickly turn from a small cluster to a seemingly insurmountable problem. Our technicians have handled infestations of all sizes and on all types of properties, so we have what it takes to clear out your beetle infestation swiftly and safely. Contact us today for a free quote!

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