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Living in Iowa, you know that pest control isn’t just a one-and-done kind of situation. You need to be aware of bugs throughout the year and take precautions to keep them from infesting your home. This could be done through traps or exclusion methods – but what if there was a strategy simpler than that? What if there was a form of pest control that can eradicate infestations without you having to lift a finger? That’s exactly what’s possible through TAP® Insulation, a new service offered by the train technicians at Springer Professional Home Services.

How Does TAP® Insulation Work?

TAP consists of blown-in cellulose treated with boric acid. Borate has many uses in both cleaning and the medical field, but the compound really shines when it comes to killing pests. Though boric acid in this concentration is not hazardous to humans or animals unless ingested in large quantities, the concentration is enough to kill many of the most common pests in Iowa. 

It can be put in the wall voids of new builds, or over any existing insulation in attics. With it, you’re granted a constant pest-killing defender that is constantly on alert – so you don’t have to be!

Which Pests Does TAP® Effect?

TAP Insulation is so popular for homeowners in Iowa because of its wide scope. It can perpetually kill pests as small as Formosan termites or as large as roaches and slugs. So consider TAP if you no longer want to worry about insects like: 

TAP insulation services in Des Moines

TAP stands for Thermal Acoustical Pest Control Insulation.

The price of your TAP Insulation installation depends on the location and size of the shape you want to treat. If you want a more precise quote you can call us to get an estimate.

TAP is fortified with boric acid. It’s not toxic to humans or house pets, but when certain pests come into contact with it the powdery material coats their exterior. Once they ingest it by grooming themselves or each other, they are unable to pass it, causing them to starve or dehydrate to death en masse.

TAP is a blown-in insulation, which means that it is literally “blown-in” to an attic or wall voids in a new home. The process takes between four to six hours, and it can easily be treated over existing insulation.

TAP insulation is made from 80% recycled cellulose, which takes less energy to produce when compared to other insulators. And because of its ability to make your HVAC systems run more efficiently, it cuts down on power waste and reduces your carbon footprint.

TAP cannot kill rodents, or any other large nuisance wildlife.

Once it’s been installed, TAP remains effective for upwards of 100 years. That means you’ll never need to blow in more for as long as you live in your current home!

TAP Insulation

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