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Springer Professional Home Services is committed to their customers and community. Our primary goal is to continually exceed customer expectations.

Pest Control

We will take care of ALL your pest problems, from bed bugs to termites and everything in between. Don’t see your pest below? Give us a call to ask for a free inspection!

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    Commercial Pest Control

    Pests can threaten the success of any business—alienating customers, contaminating materials, and posing serious health hazards and sanitation issues. Whether you work for a large corporation or small local business, you can count on Springer to maintain a healthy environment for your employees and customers.

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    Residential Pest Control

    We know having pests in your home can be traumatic. Every one of our technicians participates in pest management, behavior, and habitat training and is certified, licensed, bonded, and insured. You can trust us to thoroughly inspect your home and effectively treat it so you can have peace of mind again.

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    Real Estate Services

    We offer wood destroying insect (WDI) inspection services for homebuyers and realty professionals in and around Des Moines. Whether you’re selling or buying, we know fast service can be important. We can get back to you promptly and perform our inspection that will tell you whether the house is safe, there’s a current WDI problem, or there was one in the past.

Today’s visit with Shawn W. was perfect. He was on time (and maybe a touch early, which is a good thing to me), polite, and friendly. He did a great job with our regular pest control, and as I was working in the yard, we discussed the pesky Japanese beetles and he suggested a fogger that will help. Thank you! All techs that we have had to our house over the years have been top notch.

–Toni Rotz

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Termite Protection

Termites cause over $5 billion in damages every year, and homeowner’s insurance typically doesn’t cover it. Detect termite activity early with regular inspections and continuous monitoring.

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    Our termite inspection professionals will examine your home’s interior, looking for termites, termite damage, and other evidence of infestation. They will also inspect the exterior of your home, including the foundation and surrounding grounds, in search of cracks, hollow wood, and other signs that termites are present.

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    If we find that you have a termite problem, we’ll provide a specific treatment recommendation based on the type and location of the damage. We diagnose each situation individually so we can offer the best solution available, utilizing a variety of modern and highly effective termite control methods.

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    TermaPest is a natural, environmentally friendly termite management and monitoring system. We strategically place stations around your property that monitor the soil and notify us if termites become active. If they do, our exterminators will return to your property and use industry leading products and procedures to eradicate them.

We’ve used Springer Pest Solutions for a few years. We’ve always had great service. They consistently contact us ahead of the visit to learn concerns and discuss what will be included in this service. Shawn Williams is our current technician. He covered everything we needed him to, contacted us ahead of time, and left a thorough feedback note from the visit. We really appreciate the great customer service. Thanks, Shawn and Springer!

–Kristen Holtan

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Carpet Cleaning

Tired of seeing and touching your dirty carpets? Whether you have kids, pets, or you simply want your carpets thoroughly cleaned occasionally, we’re at your service.

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    Traditional Carpet Cleaning

    Springer will use industry-leading equipment and products to clean the carpeting throughout your home. We’ll inspect flooring, identify problem areas that require extra care and attention, carefully treat and deodorize, and rake and fluff to create a fully finished look.

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    Forever Kleen™ Carpet Cleaning

    We will clean every carpeted surface in your home from wall to wall and apply a protective coating to keep your carpets clean longer. We’ll return to your home every three months to refresh your carpets, and if there’s an accident in between cleanings, we’ll take care of it for no extra charge.

Springer Carpet and Area Rug Salon is a first class operation! I have been pleased with them from the beginning. They have experienced technicians who know what they are doing! I signed up for their quarterly carpet cleaning years ago. Such a good deal! My carpets always look nice.

–Mary Sticklen

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Area Rug Salon

Do you have an area rug in your home you’d like to protect and maintain for many years to come? Rugs can be large investments or hold sentimental value. Springer will carefully clean any type of rug by hand, taking the type of dye, material composition, and fabrication in mind.

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    Stain and Odor Removal

    When pets have accidents or leave behind oil and odors after napping on your rug or when food or liquid get spilled, these stains and odors can be difficult to fully remove without the help of a professional cleaner.

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    Custom Rug Padding

    Rug padding protects your flooring and prevents premature wear and tear. It also keeps your rugs from slipping and sliding on hardwood floors, improves comfort, and absorbs sound.

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    Moth and Pest Problems

    Did you know that rugs can harbor moths and insects? If you leave crumbs of food behind, forget to clean up a spilled beverage, or incompletely clean up after your pet has an accident, you could encounter a pest problem. Call Springer for professional rug cleaning service today.

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    Hardwood Floors

    We can restore your floors to make them look like new again without kicking you out of your house for several days. Our products allow us to seal, protect, and renew your wood or laminate floors without causing a huge mess or filling your home with harmful odors and dust—all within a single day!

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    Tile and Grout

    We will inspect your floors to determine their condition and then choose a specific cleaning technique and products to make them shine. Our cleaners use products that strip any wax buildup to remove dirt that’s deeply embedded in grout lines.

The Importance of
Preventative Pest Control

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