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No one expects there to be a snake in their yard, and truthfully, more often than not, the snake didn’t expect to end up there either. While most snakes living around Des Moines IA aren’t interested in biting you, they still don’t belong on our properties. If you find a snake or a snake nest on your property, it’s important to call your local snake removal team to deal with it. Our snake pest control team can identify any snake living on or around your property and safely remove it. 

garter snake springer

Types of Snakes in Iowa

Fortunately, most of the snakes that our customers around Des Moines IA have had run-ins with are harmless. The most common snake that we deal with in the area is the common garter snake, pictured to the left. These snakes range between 2 and 4.5′ in length and can be identified by the yellow stripes that extend along their bodies. Given that they only need enough venom to prey on snails, slugs, and various insects, their rare bites only cause mild burning or itchiness in humans. 

How Snakes Get Inside Our Buildings

Although snakes prefer to be outside, some people call us to report finding them tucked away in small, dark spaces indoors on their property. If you find a snake in your crawl spaces or behind one of your larger appliances, it might have ventured there for one of a few reasons:

  1. They’ve found rodents inside or around your home.
  2. They were attracted to shrubbery or tall grass around your home for hiding places and insect prey.
  3. They were looking for shelter from cold temperatures.
    Common garter snake identification in Iowa - Springer Professional Home Services
  4. They decided to explore a small crack or gap around your door.

How to Get Rid of Snakes Safely

No one wants to have to deal with snakes on their property on their own. The safest way to get rid of snakes quickly and effectively is to involve a snake removal expert in the process. Our snake exterminators at Springer Professional Home Services are well-versed in various trapping and relocation techniques. We conduct property inspections for each and every one of our customers to determine the best way to conduct snake removal and have you feeling safe in your home again.

When You Need Snake Removal Services

As soon as you find snakes on your property, your safest move is to contact your local snake control company. Although most snakes around Des Moines IA aren’t confrontational, they won’t hesitate to bite if they think that you are a threat. Safely getting rid of snakes requires expertise in cautious trapping practices and relocation strategies. If you’re in need of snake control, contact us today for a free quote!

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