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Buying a House? 3 Reasons Why Your Termite Inspection Matters

House hunting can drag on forever, so when you find the perfect home for your family, you can’t wait to breathe a final sigh of relief. However, it’s important to
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A leaky pipe attracting pests in Des Moines IA -

What Pests Do Leaky Pipes Attract?

Problems with our plumbing fixtures can turn into problems with pests in a heartbeat. When water leaks from your pipes into your cabinets or walls, it can dampen the wood
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A cockroach found in Des Moines IA - Springer Professional Home Services

What Attracts Cockroaches to Your Home?

Seeing a roach scurry across your kitchen floor is one of the worst feelings for a homeowner. You’re left wondering what you did to allow them in, and even more
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A swarm of gnats in Central Iowa - Springer Professional Home Services

No-see-ums vs Gnats vs Mosquito Bites—How Do They Differ?

Insects are out in Des Moines IA throughout the year, waiting for people to bite. No matter whether you’re awake or sleeping, outside or inside, active or minding your own
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Spiders in Iowa homes - Springer Professional Home Services

What Should I Do About the Spiders in My Home?

There’s no questioning why spiders are one of the most feared pests. With their long legs and speed, the sighting of a single spider running across the floor of your
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Bug bite identification in Des Moines Iowa - Springer Professional Home Services

Bug Bite Identification Guide

In the spring and summertime here in Iowa, insects are out in full force. While this is simply a fact of life, no one wants to deal with being bitten
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