A tick found in Central Iowa - Springer Professional Home Services

How to Protect Yourself from Ticks & Lyme Disease

Finding a tick trying to lodge itself in your skin is one of the creepiest pest-related experiences you can have. However, the real danger of ticks is their ability to
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Looking for spiders in Des Moines IA - Springer Professional Home Services

Our Ten Best Spider Facts

The area around Des Moines IA happens to host all kinds of spider species. Here at Springer Professional Pest Solutions, we have helped countless home and business owners put a
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How to Protect Yourself and Your Family from Mosquito Bites

Although there’s much to look forward to come springtime, this season also marks the return of many kinds of pests, particularly insects, around Des Moines IA. Mosquitoes are one of
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Winged termites in Des Moines IA - Springer Professional Home Services

How to Get Rid of Winged Termites

Have you been seeing termites with wings flying around your home? As spring approaches here in , termites will begin to swarm again to look for new homes and food
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Roaches in Iow home - Get rid of cockroaches with Springer Professional Home Services

How Do I Get Rid of Cockroaches and Keep Them From Coming Back?

One of the most dreaded pests of all time is the cockroach. Not only are these pests a gross sight to behold, they also can spread germs and contaminate surfaces.
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Fruit fly in Iowa - Springer Professional Home Services

How to Prevent Flies in the Winter

Flies are typically seen as a common pest problem during the summer, but they can be a headache for Iowa homeowners in other parts of the year, too. No one
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