Bed bug treatment options at Springer Professional Home Services in Des Moines, Iowa

The first step in choosing the right bed bug treatment options is a thorough inspection. At Springer Professional Home Services, we are proud to offer visual and K-9 bed bug inspections that are both effective in finding the activity of bed bugs in your property. Our approach to getting rid of bed bugs is to effectively kill them with minimal disruption to your home or business environment. After our thorough inspection, we will evaluate the situation and recommend a customized approach using bed bug heat treatment, conventional treatment, or fumigation. Read more about professional bed bug treatments below.

Bed bug heat treatments

One of the most commonly used treatments for bed bugs is thermal remediation, or the application of extreme heat to kill off bed bugs. At Springer, we use uniquely designed heat-generating equipment that creates and maintains a specific temperature that will kill off bed bugs and disable their eggs to survive. Bed bug heat treatment is favored for the following reasons:

  • Eliminates all stages of bed bug life, from egg to adult
  • Achieves results in a single treatment
  • Eliminates bed bugs that are resistant to chemical treatment
  • Non-chemical and non-toxic

Conventional bed bug treatment

The most common and conventional treatment option for bed bugs is combining eco-friendly products with steam treatments. Typically more time-consuming than other options, this also can cause a bit of a disruption in your space. Because it is less convenient, it’s typically not the preferred method. Completely getting rid of bed bugs with this treatment option requires a minimum of three intense treatments, often scheduled two weeks apart from each other.

Is fumigation safe?

Fumigation is the most aggressive and effective treatment option for bed bugs. During this process, the entire property is secured and sealed while the interior is treated with a product called Vikane. Due to the fact that this has a higher cost and is inconvenient for the property owner, fumigation is only recommended for extremely serious infestations. 

Des Moines’ most effective bed bug treatments

No matter what type of treatment we use, Springer is dedicated to completely removing the infestation from your property and making sure bed bugs do not return. For that reason, we will continue to treat your home until you are bedbug-free! For more information on our bed bug treatment options or to set up an appointment with a bed bug exterminator, call us today!

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Bed Bug Treatment Options

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