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What Kinds of Diseases Can You Get From Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs have not been documented spreading disease. Although we have never found a case of bed bugs transmitting diseases to humans, they can still carry disease organisms on their bodies. 

A lot of misinformation exists around bed bugs and diseases. Although there are rumors of bed bugs causing these diseases, there is no direct, substantiated evidence available:

  • Leprosy
  • Chagas disease
  • Q-fever
  • Sores or brucellosis
What kind of diseases can you get from bed bugs? | Des Moines IA | Springer Professional Home Services

Do Bed Bugs Have Diseases?

Even though bed bugs do not pass on diseases when they bite their victims, they are able to hang on to human pathogens. Studies have found that bed bugs are able to carry more than 45 kinds of bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and more pathogens in their systems. Thankfully, these microbes do not multiply or grow in bed bugs, and they don’t appear to be passed on to humans through bites.

The Health Risks Associated With Bed Bugs

Although you do not have to be worried about contracting diseases from bed bug bites, health risks are present in the case of a bed bug infestation. The main cause of concern, of course, is their bites. 

While most people display mild reactions to bed bug bites, some people aren’t as lucky. Especially when the bites are scratched, blister-like welts can form on the skin. This can cause secondary skin infections in some cases. Allergic reactions are also possible. In the case of worsening or shifting symptoms, contact your doctor right away.

The Danger of Bed Bugs in Iowa

As we have gone over, bed bugs are not known to transmit dangerous diseases. The most common concern surrounding bed bug infestations are irritation and loss of sleep. In a large-scale infestation, you have to act quickly by calling your local bed bug removal experts. 

What Kinds of Diseases Can you Get From Bed Bugs?

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