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Do Bed Bugs Bite?

Yes, bed bugs bite: it’s what they’re most notorious for. Bed bugs feed when their hosts are at rest. While people don’t often feel their bites, they often experience red, itchy bites later.

Here are some things to know about bed bug bites:

  • Bites will show up on areas of skin that are accessible at night, like your arms and legs.
  • You’ll often find their bites in zigzag patterns.
  • Some people don’t react to bed bug bites, while others get welts and rashes.
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When do Bed Bugs Like to Bite?

Bed bugs bite at night when their victims are asleep. Their bites are usually painless in the moment, so you will not wake up when they happen. The bed bug will feed for 10 minutes and then return to its hiding place.

Bed bugs are nocturnal, so their activity peaks between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. However, they are able to adjust their schedules to feed whenever their victim usually rests.

Where do Bed Bugs Bite Their Victims?

Bed bugs will bite you where your skin is exposed during the night. This might be on your arms, legs, feet, hands, or other areas. Their bites are often organized in zigzag patterns or lines. Bed bugs will even bite your face if they get the chance!

While it’s possible to have bed bugs bite your face, you do not need to worry about them crawling into your ears, mouth, or nose. They only feed on the surface of your body, and they like to retreat after they feed.

Can Bed Bug Bites Be Dangerous?

Some people will not experience any symptoms from their bed bug bites. Usually, though, people bitten by bed bugs will have itchy, red bites. In more serious cases, welts and rashes can form on the skin. While you won’t contract diseases, you should still care for your bites properly.

If you believe you might have a bed bug infestation, contact your local exterminators for bed bug control as soon as possible.

Do Bed Bugs Bite?

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