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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Iowa

If you’re dealing with bed bugs, you’re likely looking for the fastest and most effective way to get rid of them. Your best bet for bed bug control is to hire an exterminator. 

Professional bed bug exterminators will be able to execute treatment plans that eliminate the entire bed bug infestation.

These are the most common bed bug treatments:

  1. Bed bug heat treatment
  2. Bed bug fumigation
  3. Bed bug insecticides
  4. Bed bug steam treatment
How to get rid of bed bugs | Des Moines IA | Springer Professional Home Services

Which Bed Bug Treatment works best?

Heat treatment, also called thermal remediation, is widely regarded as the best option for bed bug removal. We trust heat treatments because they are chemical-free, non-toxic, and low-risk, as well as effective. They also minimize disruptions and eliminate the need to replace any items.

Some reasons to choose a heat treatment are:

  • Infested mattresses and furniture can be used again after a successful heat treatment.
  • Temperatures exceeding 120ºF are known to kill bed bugs at all stages of life.
  • The treatment will only last about three hours and will not warrant a second visit.

Using Insecticide for bed bugs

Common insecticides are often chosen for bed bug extermination. Many forms of insecticide, from dusts to liquids, can allow for narrowed-in spot treatments for bed bugs. After targeting hotspots, you can also use insecticides to treat your baseboards, floor and wall junctions, cracks in the walls and floors, electrical outlets and switches, and more. The intent here to leave no potential bed bug hiding spot untreated. This treatment option is more invasive and often requires follow-up visits.

Are Bed Bug Fumigation & Steam Treatments Safe?

Steam treatments are said to be effective for bed bug extermination. Steam remediation treatments kill bed bugs by introducing lethal temperatures to their hiding places, the inaccessible areas where spot treatments aren’t viable. This is a chemical-free procedure.

On the flip side, fumigation works by blasting your home with chemicals to kill all present bed bugs. This involves tarping off your whole property to spray fumigant into every inch of your home. While this is very effective, it is also quite disruptive and dangerous. It should be considered only as a last-resort treatment method for bed bugs. 

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

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