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Cockroaches are infamous for being elusive pests that can be difficult to locate. Roaches are nocturnal and prefer to hide out of sight, which is something they’re incredibly good at due to their speed and size. During the day, they only venture out to feed or mate, which is when they’re usually seen.

Seeing one in daylight is a bad sign that you may have a bigger infestation than you think, meaning you need to call a professional for help. At Springer Professional Home Services, we offer thorough cockroach inspections, treatments, and prevention to keep you and your family safe. 

DIY cockroach prevention and solutions

When you see cockroaches in your home, the problem should be addressed by an expert. Cockroaches are great at hiding in the most unexpected places, which makes them difficult to find without the help of a trained eye. That said, there are a few ways you can eliminate the things that attracted cockroaches to your property in the first place:

  1. Regularly clean areas that are typically dark or undisturbed. Sweeping and keeping a light on in the area can help deter roaches.
  2. Fix leaks and eliminate areas that harbor excess moisture such as standing water.
  3. Limit their food sources. They will eat any organic material they can find, including cardboard, soap, fat, grease, crumbs, and garbage. If you remove their food, this should greatly reduce their population.
  4. Implement homemade treatments with caution. Traps can work for smaller populations, but over-the-counter sprays aren’t generally recommended, as they typically just shift the roaches from one area of a building to another.

Professional help for managing cockroaches

Even when you implement the aforementioned DIY methods to limit the cockroach population inside your home, they likely won’t completely eliminate the problem. In order to get rid of cockroaches for good as well as prevent them from ever returning, it’s necessary to call a professional. At Springer, we believe in our IPM practices that work to not only to stop cockroach problems, but keep them from happening again. To learn more about how we can keep you cockroach-free, give us a call today!

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How to Manage a Cockroach Infestation in Des Moines

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