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The area around Des Moines IA happens to host all kinds of spider species. Here at Springer Professional Pest Solutions, we have helped countless home and business owners put a stop to their spider problems, and in the process, we’ve met many arachnophobes. We believe that people wouldn’t be so afraid of spiders if they knew more about them, so we’ve laid out our top ten spider facts for you to read!

Our Top 10 Facts About Spiders

  1. Most spider bites aren’t harmful: All spiders have venom that they use to kill their prey, but only a select few spiders in Des Moines are venomous enough to endanger humans.
  2. Spiders live everywhere: Not just all over the world, all over your area, too! Research suggests that you’re probably within 10 feet of the closest spider at any point.
  3. Thousands of spider species exist: There are over 35,000 documented spider species in the world with many more yet to be discovered, experts predict.
  4. Spiders wrap presents: Spiders have been observed wrapping up bugs in silk to present to a mate that they’re courting. Some spiders cut corners, though, and wrap up leaves or other junk to make a fake present.
  5. Spiders are dancers: Male spiders sometimes take part in a scuttling, arm-waving, frantic dance routine to try to entice a female that they like.
  6. Female spiders attack their mates: Some female spiders will kill their male counterpart after mating to use their body as nourishment for their offspring to come. Females of other spider species will occasionally kill males for courtship displays that don’t meet their standards.
  7. Spider silk can do many things: Beyond their webs that they use to trap insects, spiders of different species use their silk to create paths, nests, tunnels, and even as floats to glide around on.
  8. It is also stronger than steel: If you cut a piece of steel to the same dimensions as a strand of spider silk, it would be 5 times weaker! Spider silk is only so flimsy because of how thin it is spun.
  9. And it’s liquid at first: This is why we think the strength of spider silk is so incredible—it only becomes solid when it comes into contact with air. It starts in liquid form in their spinning gland.
  10. Spider muscles work differently: Spiders can only curl in their legs, not push them back out using muscular mechanisms. What they do instead is pump a special fluid through their legs to expand them. This fluid also makes for incredible propensity for jumping.

Still Need Spider Control Services?

We hope that we’ve given you some reasons to think spiders are cool and not freaky. However, we understand that even non-dangerous spiders can be a nuisance and unsettling when they occupy your home. If you’re looking for spider exterminators in Des Moines IA, reach out to our team at Springer Professional Home Services. Get a free quote from our spider control team by contacting us today!

Our Ten Best Spider Facts

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