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There are many different ant species living around Central Iowa. From fire ants to odorous house ants, you can count on these pests to invade your home in search of food, water, and shelter at various times throughout the year. Because ants emerge looking for resources after dramatic weather shifts, it’s important to take regular preventative measures throughout the year to get ahead of changes in the weather. Read on to learn how from the ant exterminators at Springer Professional Home Services!

Why Are Ants Living in My Bathroom?

Ants most often infest bathrooms because they can find water and shelter inside. Water pools up in our sinks, in our showers, and on our bathroom floors, providing easily accessible water sources for passerby ants or colonies taking temporary shelter in our walls and cabinets. One of the most common bathroom-infesting ants is the carpenter ant because these ants tunnel through damp wood to find new places to build nests. However, you’re likely to find many different kinds of ants living inside your bathroom. They usually get inside in these ways:

  • Windows and doors that don’t seal shut
  • Holes making room for plumbing fixtures
  • Cracks in your home’s walls and foundation
  • Openings in ventilation systems

Ants also could have traveled from another room in your home to get to your bathroom, so you have to check if their trail leaves any indication as to where they came from.

Getting Rid of Bathroom Ant Trails

It is imperative that you locate the source of the ant trail if you want to make sure they don’t come back. Ant colonies grow rapidly, so if you wipe out one trail without eliminating their source, another bunch will return shortly. The problem with this is that ant trails can be very difficult to trace when they travel through walls and pipes. This is why ant prevention is such a crucial measure to take. We recommend you work to prevent ants in these ways:

  • Make sure all of your doors and windows seal
  • Replace any wood with water damage
  • Keep mulch and plants at a good distance from your home
  • Seal cracks around your home’s exterior with a silicone-based caulk
  • Ensure that your bathroom is well-ventilated

Pro Ant Control in Central Iowa

If you’ve tried everything in your power to get rid of ants in your bathroom and they’re still coming back, you need help from your local ant exterminators. Our team at Springer Professional Home Services is equipped with the products and experience to find where your ants are coming from and eliminate them at the source. We will show you how your home was invaded and teach you how to prevent it from ever happening again. To learn more and get a free quote, reach out to us today!

Get Rid of the Ants in Your Bathroom

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