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It’s summer in Des Moines, and you’re probably ready to enjoy outdoor barbecues, picnics, hikes, and more. Unfortunately, with the rising temperatures comes the onslaught of mosquitoes! Everyone knows mosquitoes are a nuisance, but they can be dangerous too. Although the diseases they spread are rare, it’s still best to do everything you can to keep mosquitoes away from your home. The team at Springer Pest Control has gathered their top tips and tricks to prevent mosquitoes. Keep reading to learn more, or contact or mosquito exterminators today for professional mosquito removal services.

Preventing Mosquito Bites

For one reason or another, certain individuals seem to be more prone to mosquito bites than others. In any case, there are three things you can do to protect yourself or your family members from mosquito bites: 

  • If at all possible, avoid going outdoors at dusk and dawn. This is when mosquitoes are most active!
  • When you do go outdoors in the summer, make sure to wear light-colored clothing. If possible, wear long-sleeved shirts and pants to keep your skin protected.
  • Following the manufacturer’s instructions, apply an EPA-registered insect repellent containing DEET. Before using on children, make sure to consult your pediatrician.

5 Tips to Prevent Mosquitoes This Summer

There are certain things that may make your property more appealing to mosquitoes. By removing what attracts them, you can effectively keep mosquitoes away! Our top tips to prevent mosquitoes include:

  1. Remove sources of standing water. Get rid of standing water in buckets, flower pots, bird baths, tarps, and more. Mosquitoes use standing water to breed!
  2. Install screens on doors and windows. Installing screens on your doors and windows can keep mosquitoes from getting indoors every time you try to get some fresh air.
  3. Place fish in ponds and agitate the water. Certain types of fish will feed on mosquito larvae. In addition, adding an agitator will stop mosquitoes from laying eggs in the water.
  4. Maintain your yard regularly. Regularly maintain your garden and lawn to keep the grass short. Also keep plants and bushes trimmed to prevent mosquito resting spots.
  5. Use fans in your outdoor spaces. Mosquitoes hate wind and are not strong fliers. Use fans to help force them away from your outdoor areas.

Long-Term Protection Against Mosquitoes

Bottom line: no one wants to deal with mosquitoes in the summertime. If the above tips and tricks to prevent mosquitoes did not stop your mosquito problem, it’s best to call a professional mosquito control company. The experts at Springer have the tools and resources needed to keep you mosquito-free all summer long.

Tips & Tricks to Prevent Mosquitoes

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