Changing seasons impact the ways pests behave, live, and interact with their environments. Be prepared in any season by learning about pests and their lifecycles. Here’s how the changing seasons impact pests.

Pests in the Winter

With cold temperatures and snowy conditions, winter is on everyone’s mind—including pests. Overwintering pests are those that attempt to survive the extreme conditions by making their way into warm places like your home. Common invaders include ladybugs, box elder beetles, and stink bugs.

It’s likely you’ve been noticing a few of these little critters beginning to emerge, particularly on days with warmer temperatures. You can combat the pests that may be overwintering in your home by repairing cracks in the exterior, keeping food properly sealed and stored, and cleaning your house on a regular basis. If you do find pests in your home, you can suck them up with a vacuum cleaner and dispose of them in your outdoor trash can.

Pests in the Spring

In the spring, overwintering pests emerge and begin mating. Pests both inside and outside your home will awaken from their hibernation, so you’ll likely notice a variety of critters. If winter is the dormant season for pests, then spring is quite the opposite. As the weather improves and you can be outside more often, make sure to prepare your home for the pest-filled seasons ahead. Clean out your gutters to prevent pests from making their homes within the trays, repair window and door screens, and have a pest control professional treat your home before a problem develops.

Pests in the Summer

The warm, humid days of summer are usually accompanied by loads of pests that can put a damper on your plans. Ticks, bees, and mosquitoes are active during these months and can be found wherever the fun is happening in the great outdoors. Protect yourself and your family by taking appropriate caution whenever you’re in a “hot spot.” To keep your yard free of these pests, contact your local pest control professional.

Pests in the Fall

As the weather begins to cool, the activity of pests dwindles. Some pests enter into the last stage of their lifecycle, while others seek shelter for the cold months ahead. Rodents begin to build their nests, and if you’re not careful, you may end up with a few extra houseguests. To prevent this, follow our guide in Winter Pests 102: Preventing and Removing Winter Invaders.

Pests are active year-round, which means you should be, too! Combat unwanted pests with the help of the experts at Springer. Our pest control professionals can identify, locate, and treat the pests that are attacking your home. Set up your free inspection to get started.

How Do the Changing Seasons Impact Pests?

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