If you need to hire an exterminator, chances are that you’re already in a fairly stressful situation. The last thing you want to do is hire a “professional” pest control company that turns out to be lacking in both the professional and effective pest control departments. To ensure your highest satisfaction, you should know these ten things before hiring an exterminator.

1. Experience

While more experience doesn’t necessarily equate to better performance, experience certainly needs to be a factor when it comes to narrowing down your pest control search. A pest control technician with more experience is more likely to have dealt with a similar situation to the one you are facing and, therefore, will have a better idea of how to approach your pest problem.

2. Certification

There are various ways that pest control professionals can stay up to date on the industry’s standards. One of the primary indications of a well-trained, educated technician is certification. Before hiring an exterminator, it’s helpful to find out which state and organizational certifications they hold. A certified pest control professional who has completed additional hours of continuing education demonstrates a dedication to quality service.

3. Licensing

Technicians should be licensed either by the state or by a trade organization like QualityPro. Third-party licensing ensures that a technician has gone through the necessary training and has the proper qualifications to address your pest problem successfully.

4. Accreditations

Another way to assess the quality of a pest control company is by verifying its accreditations. Third-party accreditations provide business and ethics information about the pest control company you are considering. Organizations like the Better Business Bureau and the National Pest Management Association provide a standard to which all of the accredited businesses must comply. By choosing an accredited pest control company, you know that they are adhering to the industry’s highest standards.

5. Professionalism

A reliable pest control company should present itself with the highest professionalism. They are, after all, coming into your home. Examples of professionalism include but are not limited to

  • A business telephone line
  • A physical business office or headquarters
  • Consistent branding on uniforms, transportation, and website

Choosing a pest control company with these qualifications will help in finding a reliable, trustworthy option. When in doubt, always trust your gut! If you don’t like talking with someone over the phone, you probably won’t like them working in your home.

6. Reputation

It’s no surprise that some of the best advice comes from those with a shared experience, so don’t disregard the reviews of your friends, family, and coworkers. If someone you know and trust has worked with a company and had a positive experience, there is a good chance that you will, too! Conversely, if the poor reputation of a company proceeds them, you’ll want to steer clear.

If you have trouble getting personal recommendations, consider checking third-party reviews from Google or Angie’s List. Reviews on a company’s website are likely positively slanted and may not give you an accurate picture of their reputation.

7. Price

Price is obviously a huge factor when hiring a pest control company. No matter how good a company’s service is, if they are out of your price range, you probably won’t hire them! If possible, obtain a quote from two or more companies before you decide on an exterminator. Always have a thorough understanding of what you will be charged for the exterminator’s services before the job is done to prevent any sticker shock.

8. Services

Of course, one of the most important qualifications a pest control company must have is its ability to serve your needs. Many pest control companies will offer a consultation or inspection to fully evaluate the problem at hand. Once this is done, the exterminator will be able to provide you with a full understanding of what it will take to rectify your pest problem. Be wary if you express your problem over the phone and a technician wants to jump right into the solution!

9. Safety

Some pest control measures can create hazards for humans and pets. If something were to go wrong, you, your family, your home, and the technician could be at risk. It’s important for the technician to be fully insured and bonded. It’s also important to understand which treatments are safe for humans and for pets and, if you must leave your home for a time, at what point it will be safe for you to return.

10. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Above all else, your pest control company should be dedicated to your satisfaction. Be sure to consider whether a company offers any warranties or guarantees to ensure you’re happy with the service.

If you need to work with a trustworthy and professional pest control company in the Des Moines area, check out Springer. We’d love to help you in any way we can, from performing an initial inspection to helping you rid your home of nasty pests for good! Contact us today for service.

10 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring an Exterminator

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