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When is Termite Treatment Necessary in Iowa?

Termite treatment is necessary as soon as you discover an infestation in or near your property. Additionally, termite treatment can be an ongoing process to not only control active termites, but prevent future infestations.

If termites have been found in your property, it’s time to call your local termite exterminator for an inspection and treatment. After an infestation in your home has been controlled, it’s essential to receive regular or annual visits by a professional that can ensure termites stay away for good.

When is termite treatment necessary in Iowa - Springer Professional Home Services

Termite Treatment Lifespan

Termite treatments are not always complete after just one application. Certain treatments require continual checks, while others can be effective for upwards of a decade. There are several factors that contribute to how long a treatment will last, including the severity of the infestation. In general, the most popular termite treatments have the following lifespans:

  • Liquid termite treatments typically last the longest, with some lasting for nearly a decade.
  • Baiting systems require a professional to inspect the stations a couple times a year.

How Often Should Termite Treatment Be Administered?

For the best defense against a termite problem, it’s important to work with a professional termite exterminator. A trained expert will know how often termite treatment needs to be applied or checked on for its effectiveness. They also will inspect your home or business in Iowa at least once a year to ensure you are protected against termites at all times. Although certain treatments require more monitoring than others, but it’s always smart to have something in place for year-round protection against termites.

Do I Need Annual Termite Treatment?

Termite treatment can be applied whenever you may need it. There is no specific time or season when it is more important than any other time of the year. Most professional pest control companies will recommend getting your home inspected at least once a year to further protect your home from future infestations. If new applications of treatment aren’t necessary, annual inspections remain crucial to ensure you ward off new termite problems.

When is Termite Treatment Necessary in Iowa?

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