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When is Termite Season in Iowa?

All year long in Iowa, termites can infest properties. They are most active and common, however, in the spring or summer. This leads many to consider springtime to be termite season, as this is often when termites swarm to form new colonies.

Unfortunately, termites have a life cycle that allows them to be more or less active each and every season, making them a threat to homes all year. Even if you don’t spot swarming termites in the spring or summer, they are still active in the fall and winter and could be infesting homes during this time.

Do Termites Swarm in Warm Weather?

Termites love warm, wet climates. Needless to say, this makes Iowa a hot spot for termites this time of year. A termite colony is most active in daytime temperatures between 70 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Reproductive termites generally swarm on a warm afternoon after a rainy day with no wind present. This gives them plenty of opportunities to swarm in the spring or summer in Des Moines and beyond.

Can Termites Survive the Winter in Iowa?

Even in the colder months of the year, termites can survive. They will generally exhibit the following behaviors to wait out the winter:

  1. In the fall, termites will seek out wood or soil locations that they can easily burrow through to protect themselves from colder weather.
  2. In order to escape freezing temperatures, they will dig deeper into the soil, although the interior of your home has everything they need to survive through the winter months.
  3. The queen termite can continue to produce and lay eggs on mild days, even during the winter.
  4. While you may not see swarmers between December and February, termites are still actively reproducing and tunneling in your home.

Are Termites More Common in the Summer?

Unfortunately, termites are a threat to property owners all year long. Although swarmer termites are often seen in the spring or summer, worker and soldier termites can infest and feed on wood in or around your home throughout the year. Since termite activity can progress for years without being detected, it is recommended to perform inspections on your property annually to prevent termites all year long. Your local termite control experts can help!

When is Termite Season in Iowa?

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