When to call a spider exterminator at Springer Professional Home Services in Des Moines, Iowa

One or two spiders inside your home is completely normal, so how do you know when you should call a spider exterminator? If you are seeing excessive webs, large amounts of spiders, or what you believe to be a black widow or brown recluse, it’s time to call for expert help. At Springer Professional Home Services, we know spiders are feared by many and are happy to help our customers by effectively controlling and preventing infestations. 

Our spider control methods

Here at Springer, we are dedicated to stopping spider problems before they begin with our IPM practices. When you enlist our help for controlling or preventing spiders in your property, we will thoroughly inspect your property before coming up with a customized plan for your unique situation. In general, our spider control process includes the following steps:

  • Conduct a full property inspection that includes your yard, attached & detached structures, driveway, and home to look for the spiders.
  • After the inspection, identify the types of spiders you are dealing with.
  • Directly treat spider nests outside your foundation and remove webs from both inside and outside your home.
  • Seal small cracks or entry points that may be letting pests indoors.
  • Discreetly apply treatments or products in unfinished basements, voids, and other spider-frequented areas when evidence is noted.
  • Place sticky traps on the interior to monitor activity.
  • Provide you with a full report describing the treatment and how you can protect your home from further infestations.

Effective spider extermination

Most spiders are harmless, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek professional help when you’re noticing too many inside your home. Springer Professional Home Services is committed to keeping you and your family spider-free by focusing on prevention techniques. Our thorough inspections and custom plans are highly effective in controlling current spider problems and preventing new ones—call us today to learn more!

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When to Call a Spider Exterminator

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