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When Should Mosquito Treatment Start in Iowa?

For ideal mosquito protection, it’s recommended to have your home treated just before mosquito season starts. However, mosquito treatment is an option at any point in the year. Barrier treatments can be set in place before or during mosquito season. Having an exterminator apply mosquito treatment in the spring is the best way to prevent a mosquito problem.

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When Does Mosquito Season Start in Iowa?

Mosquito season starts at varying points in time throughout the country. This is because mosquito eggs can only hatch when temperatures reach a consistent average of 50 degrees. Mosquitoes start to produce more rapidly as the weather gets warmer. Here in Iowa, mosquito season begins in the spring, usually late April. This makes it a necessity to prepare for the mosquito-heavy months before the season starts.

When Do I Need to Start Mosquito Treatment?

We often see people wait until their mosquito problem is out of control to call a pest control company. At this point, the mosquitoes’ breeding cycle has been established, and they will be more difficult to exterminate. Your best shot to prevent mosquito problems is to look into mosquito treatment in the winter months. This might seem overly cautious, but it helps to prevent the waves of mosquitoes to come.

When Do You Spray For Mosquitoes?

Remember: mosquitoes are most active at times of lowest sunlight, dusk and dawn. This is when they go out to look for food and hosts to feed on. Using mosquito barrier treatments or sprays in the early morning or just before sunset will be most successful. When you hire a professional mosquito exterminator for mosquito treatment, they will let you know when the best time to apply barrier treatments to your home is.

When Should Mosquito Treatment Start In Iowa?

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