As winter approaches, you and your family won’t be the only ones heading inside from the cold. Pests can become a major issue in the fall and winter months as they invade the indoors to escape the harsh outdoor conditions. We’ve already discussed some major offenders in “Winter Pests 101.” Now, let’s examine how to prevent and remove these unwanted house guests.


One of the best ways to combat winter pests is to prevent them from entering your home. Pest prevention is something that you can practice year round, but it becomes particularly important as the cold weather drives unwanted guests indoors. Here are a few ways to implement preventive practices into your fall and winter routine.

Maintain your outdoor property.

Pests will be less inclined to stick around your home if they don’t have an ideal living environment available. Maintaining your yard is key to preventing a pest infestation outdoors as well as inside your home. Be sure to do each of the following as a part of your fall maintenance checklist:

  • Trim bushes, shrubs, and trees away from your home
  • Dispose of all yard waste, including grass clippings, leaves, and mulch
  • Store firewood a safe distance from your house

Eliminate entry points to your garage and home.

Before winter sets in, conduct a visual inspection of your home’s exterior. Seal all cracks, holes, and gaps in your siding and foundation. Caulk around your windows and doors, and install weather stripping where it is needed. While you probably won’t be using your door and window screens during the winter, now is a good time to repair those as well.

Remove garbage and waste promptly.

Store your garbage and recycling in bins with tight-fitting lids. When possible, rinse them to remove materials that may attract unwanted critters. Don’t allow garbage to sit outside of a container. Take larger unwanted items like furniture or small appliances to a recycling center or thrift store to prevent a pest hotel from forming in your garage.

Implement a regular indoor cleaning regimen.

Cleaning helps prevent pests on two different levels. First, cleanliness deters pests from making their nests and webs in your home. Second, a regular cleaning routine will help you to monitor areas in your home where pests may begin to gather.

Enlist a professional pest control company.

It’s never too early to take advantage of a preventive pest control program. Doing so will help you control pests around your home year round.


Every now and again, you’ll likely encounter an unwanted pest in your home. Here are a few ways to remove them.

  • Use indoor pesticides, traps, and baits to eliminate pests from inside your home.
  • Use natural materials like peppermint oil, cinnamon, vinegar, basil, and citrus to deter pests in your home
  • Suck up unwanted pests with your vacuum extension and then dispose of them outside.

If you’re fighting a losing battle against household pests, contact Springer in Des Moines. Our pest control professionals will inspect your home and property, address any specific problems, and implement preventive measures to deter future invaders. For all of your pest control needs, trust Springer. Set up your free inspection now!

Winter Pests 102: Preventing and Removing Winter Invaders

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