Summer is ending, and so are your pest problems, right? Wrong! You’ve probably noticed a multitude of little black bugs around your home. You may not know these little guys by name, but with the commencement of fall, you can look forward to the migration of the boxelder bug.

What do boxelder bugs look like?

Boxelder bugs are native to North America. They are typically half an inch long and have flat black wings. Boxelder bugs usually have red markings on their wings and bodies. While they are capable of flying, boxelder bugs are more commonly seen crawling.

Why do boxelder bugs appear in the fall?

As the weather begins to cool, boxelder bugs seek shelter where they can hibernate. You’ll probably find them congregating around your home because it’s an appealing potential hotel for the cold winter months ahead.

Are boxelder bugs harmful to me or my family?

Unlike many colored insects, boxelder bugs are not poisonous. They do not bite or sting, but they will release a foul odor if they feel threatened. Boxelder bugs are usually more of a nuisance than a threat.

Can boxelder bugs damage my property?

Boxelder bugs will not harm you, your pets, or your property. Boxelder bugs feed on maple, ash, and boxelder tree seeds, but their eating habits are not harmful to plants. If you have an excessive infestation of boxelder bugs, you may find that their excrement stains your property.

How can I protect my home from boxelder bugs?

The most effective way to prevent your home from boxelder bugs is to utilize professional pest control services. You can also prevent boxelder bugs from entering your home by sealing all entry points they might find. This includes

  • Patching screens
  • Sealing door and window trims
  • Repairing cracks in roofing, siding, and foundation

How can I remove boxelder bugs from my home?

You can remove boxelder bugs as you would any other insect. To avoid touching a boxelder bug, use the extension on your vacuum to suck up the bug and quickly dispose of it. You can also trap the bug in a piece of toilet tissue and dispose of it or flush it down the drain.

Can you permanently exterminate boxelder bugs?

Professional pest control is the most effective way to prevent an outbreak of boxelder bugs, but the only way to completely alleviate the problem is to remove their food source. In extreme cases, you may wish to remove maple, ash, or boxelder trees from your property.

If you’re in need of professional pest control services, contact Springer in Des Moines. Our expert exterminators will inspect your property, treat your problem, and protect your home from future infestations. From boxelder bugs to termites, trust Springer with your residential pest control needs. Set up your free inspection today!

Why Do Boxelder Bugs Appear in the Fall?

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