There are certain situations that obviously require professional pest control services, but what about the rest of the year when it seems like pests aren’t a problem at all? Even when it seems like pests are at bay or even non-existent, your home is susceptible to future infestations that may be brewing just under your nose. Here are just a few reasons to implement preventive pest control in your home.

Reduces Risk of Infestation

A major pest infestation doesn’t just happen overnight, but it can happen right in front of you—or around or under you. A pest control professional is trained to recognize early signs of an infestation and stop it in its tracks. Regular visits from a pest control specialist means that pests have less time to settle into your home. Without regular inspections, pests will continue to multiply until they cause enough damage to catch your attention.

Prevents Major Destruction of Property

Speaking of damage, preventive pest control can dramatically reduce the chances that pests will cause damage to your property. With regular visits and inspections, a pest control professional will monitor your home and property for potentially harmful pests and eliminate the unwanted guests before they have a chance to ruin your belongings.

Cultivates a Pest-Free Environment

When you actively invest in a pest-free* home, you become more aware of the sources of pest problems and start to implement proactive pest control habits into your routine. You become more alert to signs of pests and more diligent about putting food away promptly rather than letting it sit on the kitchen counter. Partnering with a trained pest control professional will help you cultivate a pest-free* environment in your household.

Decreases Your Pest Control Costs

It may sound counterintuitive, but implementing year-round pest control services can actually reduce the overall cost of pest control and repairs of pest-related damage. The added bonus is that preventive pest control is far more effective than the sprays, pesticides, and traps you can buy at the hardware store. You’ll save time, money, and effort by preventing infestations before they occur.

If you need pest control services in the greater Des Moines area, choose Springer Professional Home Services. Our trained professionals will partner with you to keep your home pest-free* year round. For nearly 30 years, we’ve been a trusted name among pest control professionals. Set up your free inspection today!

I Don’t Have Pests in My Home. Do I Still Need Pest Control?

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