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It can be hard to tell apart wasps vs bees. They are about the same size, share the same colors, and can be found in the same regions. Although they are related, there are a few discernable qualities that can help us tell them apart.

Read on to learn Springer Professional Home Services’s guide to the differences between bees and wasps in Des Moines IA. We will go over their appearances and the dangers that they pose.

How to Tell the Difference Between Wasps vs Bees

Although both of these stinging insects are closely related, they have a couple of key differences that set them apart from each other. Here are the three most evident:

  1. Appearance: While they might be similarly colored and patterned, wasps have a smooth and angular outward appearance, while bees’ tiny hairs give them a rounded and fuzzy look.
  2. Attitude: Bees are less likely to feel threatened than wasps, and sting at a much lower frequency because they only have one shot. Wasps emit a pheromone that alerts others from their colony when they feel that someone is a danger to them or their nest.
  3. Objectives: Wasps are actually quite important members of their ecosystems, too. While bees are busy pollinating flowers and plants, wasps prey on other insects, controlling the populations of pests that destroy our gardens.

Differences between wasps and bees in Des Moines IA - Springer Professional Home ServicesAre Wasps or Bees More Dangerous?

What’s the difference between wasp and bee stings? Wasps have a much worse reputation than bees. They’re known for their painful stings and trigger-happy aggression, but they actually aren’t much more dangerous than bees.

Both bees and wasps are capable of delivering stings that cause severe allergic reactions. Threatening a wasp nest or a bee nest can result in lots of painful stings, but if you leave them alone and remain calm, you should be able to avoid them.

How to Deal With Bees and Wasps

Finding a bee or wasp nest on your property warrants a call to your local pest control company. Trying to remove nests without proper training and equipment could result in a seriously unpleasant experience. The bee removal specialists at Springer Professional Home Services are in tune with the specific bee and wasp issues that Central Iowa residents face, and will do whatever they can to relocate nests using non-toxic and humane methods. For a free quote or more information, contact us today!

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Wasps vs Bees

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