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Can Pets Spread Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs thankfully have very little interest in your dogs or cats. Bed bugs don’t latch onto animals, and therefore are not typically spread by pets. However, bed bugs can still infest your pet’s bedding and other areas.

The other major concern is whether bed bugs bite pets or not. Here’s what to know:

  • Bed bugs prefer human hosts, but can bite dogs, cats, rodents, and even birds!
  • These pests have no interest in being in or on your pets’ fur.
  • If your pet is bitten, the bites will look like tiny red bumps on their belly or limbs, typically in areas with less hair.
  • If you notice symptoms of a bite on your dog, it’s smart to inspect for potential bed bugs nearby.
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Can Bed Bugs Hurt My Pets?

Bed bugs have very little interest in animals, as they prefer human hosts! While rare, they can bite your pets. If your dog or cat starts showing signs of bed bug bites, it’s important to inspect their bedding and other areas for shed bed bug exoskeletons or live insects. If you find evidence, it’s best to call an exterminator to quickly get rid of the infestation for you. If your pet begins to exhibit any signs of a bed bug bite, it’s smart to take them to your vet.

Will My Dog Bring Bed Bugs Inside?

Unlike the case with fleas or ticks, it is very unlikely for dogs to carry bed bugs inside. Typically, bed bugs cannot survive outside. If your neighbor has bed bugs, you don’t need to worry about your dog picking them up on your daily walk or in your backyard. Bed bugs spread from one property to another by hitching a ride on purses, suitcases, or more. They will not latch onto your dog or cat.

How to Protect Your Pets from Bed Bugs in Iowa

When you have a bed bug infestation, make sure to clean your pets’ bedding in the same way you would your own. Wash the items in a hot cycle and dry on high heat if possible. This can remove any bed bugs or eggs in your pet’s bedding. In any case, it’s best to get a bed bug exterminator to completely remove an infestation. After treatment, your exterminator will ensure you are made aware of any precautions to take with your pet.

Can Pets Spread Bed Bugs?

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