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Most homeowners have dealt with the frustration of an ant infestation at one point or another. Ants are the number one nuisance pest throughout the nation, and some species are more than just a nuisance when destructive ants are involved. To avoid dealing with the cost and frustration of an ant infestation, it’s important to implement the best ant prevention tips into your home or business.

At Springer Professional Home Services, we are committed to keeping our Des Moines customers ant-free. We’ve provided our top tips and tricks to keep ants away. 

Can You Keep Ants Away Naturally?

Preventing ants can be a difficult process. These tiny pests can make their way indoors through the tiniest of cracks. DIY or all-natural problem prevention is a gamble, but can sometimes lessen the risk of getting an ant problem. Planting mint around the perimeter of your home, using a vinegar and water spray solution, or spreading diatomaceous earth, ground cinnamon, cayenne pepper, or black pepper around your home may help keep ants away. Even if these ant problem prevention tips work short-term, they will not be a long-term solution to an existing ant infestation.

3 Ant Prevention Tips

Ant problems inside a building can drive any property owner insane. Not only are they difficult to get rid of, but it also takes a long time to completely eliminate a population! The following ant prevention tips are proven to keep ants away from your property:

  1. Limit their sources of water:
    1. Fix leaky pipes, and routinely check under sinks for areas of moisture.
    2. Use a dehumidifier in damp basements or crawl spaces.
    3. Ensure downspouts and gutters are functioning properly.
  2. Limit ant food sources:
    1. Keep the kitchen clean and free of crumbs.
    2. Wipe down counters and sweep floors regularly.
    3. Store any food in sealed containers, and keep ripe fruit in the refrigerator.
    4. Use a lid on trash cans and dispose of garbage regularly.
  3. Remove their entry points:
    1. Routinely check the perimeter of your home for entry points and seal them.
    2. Double-check that your windows and doors don’t have cracks, or install screens to help keep pests out.

Need Help Preventing Ants?

Knowing how to keep ants away on your own can seem like an upward battle, which is why it often requires the expertise of a professional ant control company. Getting rid of a colony takes time and patience, and the technicians at Springer know how to control current problems and how to keep ants away for good. Contact us today to learn more!

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Ant Prevention Tips

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