If your home has been relatively pest-free*, it can be a stretch to consider implementing preventive pest control solutions. However, regardless of your home’s pest history, preventive care can be an effective and practical way to keep your property healthy and pest-free*. Check out these five reasons to consider preventive pest control—even if you haven’t experienced a pest problem yet.

Preventive pest control protects your property.

Preventive care is a safeguard against the destruction that unwanted houseguests can wreak. Preventive pest control is like putting locks on your doors and windows: you may never know if your actions are preventing someone—or something—from getting in, but you do know it will make accessing your home more difficult for unwanted visitors.

Pests are always active.

Even throughout the winter, when one might expect pests to lay dormant, they’re still actively attempting to enter your home. Even if you’re not aware of their activity, you should always assume that there are pests close to your home that would love to find their way in.

Preventive pest control reduces the risk of infestation.

Pests can multiply rapidly—even before you even notice their presence. Without regular inspection and care, your home can quickly become the site of an infestation. Once a colony has formed, ridding your home of pests can be quite difficult. It’s far easier to eliminate small populations of pests and prevent future problems than it is to identify and rid your home of all the sources of a major infestation.

Problems may be hidden.

With many destructive pests like termites or mice, damage can go on without your knowledge for quite some time. These tiny yet harmful critters can cause major property damage before you even realize they are present. When you implement a preventive care program, your pest control professional will closely inspect your home for signs of damage and identify problems that otherwise may have been missed.

Preventive pest control saves you money.

Just as it’s far more expensive to replace your car’s engine than it is to get an oil change, preventive pest control services require a small investment compared to the expenses you could incur from pest-related property damage, at-home treatments, and ineffective removal. The cost associated with preventive care is nearly insignificant compared to the value it provides in protecting your home, your family’s health, and your peace of mind.

If you’re ready to take advantage of preventive pest control solutions, contact Springer in Des Moines. Our team of pest control professionals can provide all of the residential pest control services you need to resolve any pest problem you’re currently experiencing and prevent future infestations. Set up your free inspection today!

Why Should I Consider Preventive Pest Control Solutions?

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