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If you’ve dealt with cockroach problems in the past, you know how frustrating an infestation can be. Unfortunately, these pests are common all year long in Des Moines. That said, infestations are at an all-time high in the summer months for several reasons. Cockroaches are drawn to heat and will breed rapidly in the summertime, which is why an infestation tends to be worse this time of year. Because their infestations can be such a nuisance to deal with, it’s important to learn about summertime roach activity as well as what you can do to prevent it. Keep reading for expert information from the team at Springer Professional Home Services

Seasonal Cockroach Infestations

Cockroaches are infamous for being hardy insects—they can withstand and survive in numerous environments and conditions. However, many roach species are less active in the wintertime as they await summer months. When temperatures begin to warm up here in Iowa, roaches will begin to forage for more food. This is also the time of year when they breed more rapidly, making their populations surge in the summertime. When heat is extreme, they often enter homes for shelter, which is when infestations commonly begin.

Preventing Cockroaches in the Summertime

Thankfully, there are a number of ways you can keep cockroaches from finding your property hospitable. Our top summer cockroach prevention tips include:

  • Thoroughly clean your property. Clean your kitchens and bathrooms of any spills or crumbs. Avoid clutter and messes.
  • Locate and seal up any cracks or crevices in the foundation of your property. Seal windows and doors or install screens.
  • Always pick up pet bowls after feeding times, and avoid leaving the pet food out overnight or for days at a time.
  • Keep all food securely sealed in airtight containers, and refrigerate any unsealed food.
  • Ensure your garbage is sealed with a tight-fitting lid, and routinely take it out when full.
  • Quickly fix any leaky pipes or clogged rain gutters to avoid moisture problems.

You Have Roaches–Now What?

If you’ve spotted a cockroach or two in your property, it’s a bad sign there could be many more hidden in your home or business. Getting rid of cockroaches is no job for an amateur; these creatures are excellent hiders, and infestations can grow to large numbers in the summer months. For that reason, it’s best to always contact a licensed cockroach exterminator for help when you have an infestation.

Why Cockroach Populations Boom in the Summer

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