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Will Termite Treatment Kill Other Bugs?

Termite treatments are made with some of the pest control industry’s best, most advanced technologies. For that reason, they are occasionally effective at controlling or warding off other bugs in addition to termites. These can include ants, beetles, carpenter bees, and more. 

Liquid termiticides in particular are known for their effectiveness against not only termites, but other pests and insects. Some termite treatments, however, are formulated to work against termites and should only be relied upon for such.

What Bugs Are Killed by Termite Treatments?

Professional termite treatments are formulated to affect wood-destroying insects. However, due to the strength of some formulas, certain termite treatments can be effective in warding off other insects. Some of the pests and insects that may be controlled with termite treatments include:

What Type of Termite Treatment Kills Other Pests?

Liquid termiticides are known for being highly effective in killing other pests. Some of the bugs and insects affected by these termite treatments include beetles, boxelder bugs, centipedes, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, flies, silverfish, spiders, and many types of ants. Bait stations work to kill carpenter ants, but they are typically formulated to work against termites and termites only. For that reason, it’s important to look at other pest control options in addition to your bait stations for other pest problems.

Is Termite Treatment Safe for My Pets?

When you work with a professional pest control company, you can rest easy knowing that the treatments used will not harm your family or pets. That said, always ensure your pets stay away from bait stations or treated areas for a period of time post-treatment. Your termite exterminator will give you detailed instructions on protecting your pets from the treatment.

Will Termite Treatment Kill Other Bugs?

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