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How Do Termites Spread in Iowa?

How do termites spread in Iowa - Springer Professional Home ServicesTermites will spread into more colonies or expand an existing colony before ever being discovered, which is why they can be so dangerous. They will easily spread as long as they have access to cellulose, the organic fiber found within wood.

Termites are known for spreading unnoticed. The rate and speed at which they spread has to do with several factors that either encourage or inhibit their growth. These factors include:

  • The availability of cellulose sources
  • Whether there is wood in contact with soil
  • The amount of moisture present
  • Climate and regional factors
  • Age and size of the colony

Can Termites Spread Quickly?

A mature termite colony that has been active for a couple of years is able to eat up to a pound of wood a day. Termite infestations are feared precisely because their activity can go on for so long before being noticed, which is why they’re so dangerous! Termite colonies can contain anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of insects, and queen termites can lay as many as 30,000 eggs in a single day! These insects spread into new colonies by traveling through underground mud tubes or cracks in the walls. They can also spread out into more colonies when reproductive termites swarm in the spring or summer.

Can a Termite Infestation Spread Throughout a Neighborhood?

If you see your neighbors have a termite problem, there’s no reason to panic. However, it’s a good opportunity to get your home inspected. If homes neighboring one another were built simultaneously or with already-damaged wood, there’s a higher chance multiple homes are undergoing infestations at the same time. For the most part, termite infestations are unpredictable. Simply take preventative measures and schedule regular inspections with a professional termite exterminator.

The Spread of Termite s in Iowa

Termites are infamous for spreading significantly before ever being discovered. This is why it is so important to get annual termite inspections from a professional termite control company. Working with a termite exterminator ensures your property prevents and stops the spread of termites in your home, business, and neighborhood.

How Do Termites Spread in Iowa?

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