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Buying a Home With Termite Damage in Iowa

If you invest in regular termite inspections and prevention services, it’s safe to buy a property that once had a termite problem. So long as there are no active termites, you need not worry about a home with a history of termites.

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. It’s easy to understand why, then, one would be worried about putting a down payment on a property with termite damage. However, as long as there are no active termites and damage from previous infestations has been repaired, it is safe to guy a home with a termite history in Iowa.

Buying a home with termite damage in Iowa - Springer Professional Home Services

Safety Measures For Buying a Home With Termite Damage

There are always measures you should take to ensure your property is safe from termites when buying a home. Some of these safety measures you should take are to:

  1. Get a WDI report that will uncover any evidence of past, present, or possible future infestations.
  2. If damage is found, discuss with the seller to cover treatment and repair expenses.
  3. Ask the seller for any infestation history the home may have just in case the WDI report missed something.

Can I Sell My Home in Iowa If I Had Termites?

Just like with any property damage, termite damage that has not been repaired can lessen the value of your home that you are trying to sell. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to sell your home whatsoever. Whether you had a past infestation that was treated and caused minimal damage or have active termites in the home, it’s important to be upfront about termite infestations when selling the home. You may be required to assist or cover payments for repairs, inspections, WDI reports, and more.

Will Termites Infest Homes Again?

A home that once had an infestation has the same chance of getting another infestation as a new home does. The best way to avoid having to deal with termites is to implement regular inspections, treatments, and prevention methods into your home maintenance routine. This is the best defense against termite problems and will ensure an easier selling process should you choose to list your home in the future. Contact your local termite exterminators.

Buying a Home With Termite Damage in Iowa

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