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Few insects are as feared as spiders, and it’s easy to see why. These eight-legged creatures can certainly appear frightening, but the truth is that most spiders are totally harmless. In fact, spiders play an important role in controlling insect populations and are considered beneficial for our environment.

That said, there are a couple of types of spiders that are more dangerous than others—a bite from which could lead to serious symptoms. Here in Iowa, black widows and brown recluse spiders pose a serious threat.

How to tell apart black widows and brown recluses in Des Moines IA - Springer Professional Home ServicesWhere do spiders live?

Seeing spiders is a normal occurrence, but are they all meant to live outdoors? The truth is that there are both indoor and outdoor spiders! House spiders prefer to live exclusively indoors and are typically completely harmless. In fact, indoor spiders will help keep the insect population inside your home under control and will avoid contact with you. Similarly, outdoor spiders can help reduce garden pests. That said, some of the more dangerous types of spiders live outdoors and may make their way inside if given the chance.

Poisonous spiders in Iowa

A common misconception of spiders is that they all have the ability to administer a dangerous bite. All spiders are venomous in the sense that they possess venom—for the most part, this is only used to paralyze and kill their prey. A bite from a normal spider is little cause for concern, and their fangs likely won’t even break skin. However, a bite from a dangerous spider, including a black widow and brown recluse, can be much more dangerous. These spiders will typically only bite in self-defense, but symptoms can be serious if not treated. For that reason, it’s important to know how to identify these spiders:

  1. Black widow: Female black widows are easily identifiable with their shiny black bodies and signature red hourglass mark on the back.
  2. Brown recluse: These spiders are light brown with a characteristic dark brown violin-shaped spot on their dorsum.

Professional help with dangerous spiders

If you think you’ve seen black widows or brown recluses near or in your property, it’s time to call a spider exterminator. While spider bites are rare, it’s best to stay away from spiders you think are poisonous. Springer Professional Home Services provides professional spider prevention and control services—call us today to learn more!

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Are Spiders Dangerous?

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