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While rats and mice remain active year-round, early fall marks the optimal period to initiate rodent exclusion tactics. Given their persistent behavior, homeowners must consistently uphold prevention measures to deter these unwanted intruders. This includes sealing cracks and gaps in the home’s exterior, ensuring food is stored in secure containers, and keeping the surroundings clean to eliminate potential nesting sites. Regular inspections and maintenance of these measures throughout the year are essential. 

Not prioritizing rodent control for even one season can leave your home open to an infestation, which rodents can swiftly exploit due to their persistence and skill in infiltrating your living areas.

When Is Rodent Season in Iowa?

As temperatures cool in Iowa from September to November, rodents become more noticeable. They seek warm shelters for winter survival, often making homes a prime target due to diminishing natural food sources outdoors. With the depletion of their natural food sources during these colder months, rodents are compelled by hunger to seek alternative food and shelter options, often leading them to invade homes. Therefore, this period is crucial for taking proactive steps to prevent infestations, such as securing potential entry points, eliminating accessible food supplies, and implementing effective pest control measures to safeguard residential environments.

Keeping Rodents Out Year-Round

To maintain a rodent-free home throughout the year, we recommend taking prompt action before minor issues escalate into full infestations. The following proactive measures aim to minimize future stress and the need for extensive pest control efforts: 

  • Schedule Annual Inspections: Arrange for yearly property inspections conducted by expert rodent exterminators to detect early signs of rodent presence.
  • Early Detection: Early detection allows for timely interventions, preventing minor sightings from developing into major infestations.
  • Fall Season Initiatives: Implement rodent control treatments at the start of each fall season to bolster your home’s defenses against rodent invasions.

Rodent Exclusion In Any Season

From the outset, Springer Professional Home Services has established itself in Iowa as a trusted provider of rodent exterminator services for both commercial and residential properties. Our commitment to excellence ensures your satisfaction with every service we provide. Tailored rodent exclusion solutions are crafted to meet the specific needs of your property, promising effective, long-lasting results. Don’t wait for rodent problems to worsen. 

Reach out to our skilled team today to help safeguard your property from these relentless pests.

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When Should Rodent Exclusion Start in Iowa?

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