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How Long Does Mosquito Treatment Last?

Depending on what kinds of tactics are used, mosquito treatments are typically effective for one to two months. The weather, environment, and the mosquito population size can all contribute to the time it takes for mosquito treatment to wear off. When you work with a professional mosquito control expert, they will let you know the right time to retreat your Iowa home or property for mosquitoes.

The goal is to ensure your yard is mosquito-proof all through summer, which may necessitate follow-up treatments.

How long does mosquito treatment last in Iowa - Springer Professional Home Services

Do I Need Multiple Mosquito Treatments?

You will usually need more than one mosquito treatment to provide ongoing protection against mosquitoes for the whole spring and summer. Repellent applied in your yard will usually start to diminish in power after around a month, weakening the barrier around your yard. Rather than let the repellent fade away, you should have your yard retreated to maintain a barrier of protection against mosquitoes until the fall.

How Often Should I Apply Mosquito Treatment?

In between professional treatment, you should routinely check up on your yard, monitoring for new mosquito activity. Practice the following routine to keep mosquitoes away:

  1. Inspect your yard weekly during spring and summer to look for new activity.
  2. Pour out any containers that have collected standing water.
  3. When spending time outside, use a fan to block nearby mosquitoes with wind.

Mosquito Treatment Plans

Mosquito treatment should begin in the early spring months, which is typically early April here in Iowa. After the first treatment, your professional mosquito control expert will let you know when your yard may need to be retreated. This could be anywhere from 4-6 weeks after the first date of treatment. If during the first month you notice the repellent is not doing its job, talk to your local mosquito exterminator for assistance.

How Long Does Mosquito Treatment Last?

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