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What is the Lifespan of a Mosquito?

Mosquitoes usually live for one to two months. They are constantly reproducing during this time, which means that their population is in a constant cycle. It takes about two weeks for newly-hatched mosquito larvae to develop into adults. 

From there, the adult mosquitoes will look to reproduce, starting the cycle over. Mosquitoes die when the temperatures drop below 50 degrees, when they’re eaten by a predator, or naturally in one to two months. 

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Mosquito Life Stages

The mosquito life cycle lasts about two weeks. In general, this is how the mosquito breeding process takes place:

  1. Female mosquitoes must draw blood from a host in order to reproduce. They will then lay their eggs on or around standing water. 
  2. The eggs hatch after 1-3 days. Mosquito larvae writhe around in the water eating algae, protozoans, and other organic material.
  3. A week to ten days later, the larvae become pupae. They spend this stage at the water’s surface for a few days to get used to the air.
  4. The adult mosquito emerges after three days in the pupal stage. They are ready to breed just one day later. Female mosquitoes are able to breed for most of their lifetime. 

How Long Can Mosquitoes Live For?

The life of a male mosquito usually only lasts about two weeks into adulthood. Female mosquitoes, however, often live for over a month. If they fail to hatch, mosquito eggs can survive for months at a time before hatching. Although their life cycle is short, mosquitoes’ rapid rate of reproduction keeps their populations high during the summer months.

How Do Mosquitoes Usually Die?

Mosquitoes do not die after biting someone. A female mosquito will continually feed throughout her lifetime. Mosquitoes usually die of natural causes after one to two months. This usually happens when the warmer temperatures of spring and summer dwindle into autumn. Mosquito bodies cannot function when temperatures drop below 50 degrees consistently. Females will occasionally hibernate, and unhatched eggs can last through the winter.

What is the Lifespan of a Mosquito?

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