Preventing mosquitoes in your yard with Springer Professional Home Services in Des Moines, Iowa

Mosquitoes definitely know how to ruin a backyard shindig, especially in the summer months when they’re most active. As the weather warms up, mosquitoes come out in full force, especially in areas with standing water. Because mosquitoes are dangerous insects, it’s important to know how to prevent them from infesting your yard each year.

Your best chance at protection against mosquitoes requires working with a pest control company such as Springer, who uses Integrated Pest Management solutions.

Do store-bought mosquito prevention products work?

When you go to any store, you likely can seek out a number of mosquito prevention products. While some of the following products work short-term, they are never the answer to solving a bigger mosquito problem you may be having:

  • Repellent spray: Although effective for short periods of time, sprays aren’t guaranteed to work and aren’t a long-term solution.
  • Citronella candles: Unfortunately, these mosquito-repelling candles only work in a limited area. Again, not a long-term solution.
  • Chemical products: Spraying chemicals throughout your yard may work for a little bit, but store-bought products aren’t as effective as the ones used by professionals.

How to keep mosquitoes away

Springer’s mosquito control focuses on permanent solutions and effective prevention. This requires knowing about the conditions that allow mosquitoes to thrive. Some of our top tips for preventing mosquitoes include:

  1. Removing standing water: In order to reproduce, mosquitoes need a source of standing water. Puddles, planters, buckets, ponds, and even tarps that provide standing water should be covered or removed.
  2. Plant a garden: Rosemary, citronella, and marigolds are just three of the various plants known to naturally repel mosquitoes.
  3. Get the air moving: Mosquitoes do not like wind or breezes! If you have a covered patio, consider installing a ceiling fan or place an outdoor standing fan to avoid still air. 

Professional mosquito prevention

If you follow the above tips and also use our mosquito prevention services, you can effectively lessen the risk of dealing with mosquitoes in your yard. If you still are dealing with these pesky, biting insects, it’s time to call Springer for treatment. We are committed to keeping you and your family safe from mosquitoes-year round!

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Preventing Mosquitoes in Your Yard

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