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No matter how many times you’ve been stung by a bee before, you likely won’t forget the sensation. They sneak up on you out of nowhere with a sharp prick and leave you with a painful sore that lasts for days.

But did you know that some bees are friendlier than others? Despite there only being a sliver of the different species of bees that are incapable of stinging, there are more that will only attack when they feel that their lives are at risk. Carpenter bees fall into this category. If you think you have them on your property, you shouldn’t be worried about being stung.

Do Carpenter Bees Sting At All?

You probably have carpenter bees if you’ve noticed little holes that look like they’ve been drilled into the wood on your windowsills, railings, porch, or other wooden parts of your house. Look around for bees with shiny black abdomen flying around these areas.

Male carpenter bees are actually unable to sting – they don’t have a stinger at all. Female carpenter bees could sting if:

  • They are stepped on
  • They are swatted at
  • A threat is posed to their nest

Males protect their homes most aggressively, but they are forced to rely on their intimidating appearance to ward off potential threats.

Are Carpenter Bees Harmful?

Fortunately, even when carpenter bees decide to tunnel through the wood in our homes, they don’t compromise the structural integrity of the house. This being said, it isn’t wise to let them hang around for long, as the more damage they do, the more expensive and difficult it becomes to repair.

On the upside, carpenter bees are pollinators, serving as an important role-player in their local ecosystems. Some believe that carpenter bees eat the wood that they tunnel through (like termites), but they actually just chew through it to create shelter, and they sustain themselves on mostly nectar.

Although they serve an important function and don’t cause serious harm to people, animals, or buildings, having too many around might leave your house looking a little more weathered than you would like it to.

What to Do About Carpenter Bees in Des Moines IA

If you’re overwhelmed with these unwelcome guests, reach out to your local bee removal experts. At Springer Professional Home Services, we train technicians to specialize in removing bees with efficiency and consideration for the health of your family, your pets, and your yard. Get a free quote today!

Will Carpenter Bees Sting People?

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