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Insects are out in Des Moines IA throughout the year, waiting for people to bite. No matter whether you’re awake or sleeping, outside or inside, active or minding your own business, you can be a target.

Flying pests are some of the hardest to stay away from when it comes to bites. There are several airborne insects in our area that can leave us with painful, itchy, or even dangerous bites. We have heard a lot of people complain about no-see-ums, gnats, and mosquitoes this summer in particular. If you think you’ve been targeted by one of these pests before but aren’t sure how to tell, keep reading. We’ve laid out some advice from our experts here at Springer Professional Home Services!

Identifying Gnats vs No-see-ums vs Mosquitoes

These three are definitely the peskiest flying pests in Des Moines IA. It’s hard to imagine that you’ve never seen them before, but it can be confusing to tell them apart. Here are a few of their identifying features:

  1. Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes are the largest of the three, growing up to around 3/8”. They have long, upward-slanted wings, a hunched back, and a needle-like proboscis protruding from their mouth.
  2. Gnats: Often found in swarms of thousands, gnats are a tiny fly variety with gray and black bodies. They form giant clouds of individuals in the spring and summer time.
  3. No-see-ums: These pests are actually a kind of gnat, but they are extremely small—only about 1/16” in length! This means that they can make it through screens we install on our doors and windows.

Differences Between These Bug Bites

One way that you can tell apart different bugs in Des Moines IA is by learning the symptoms of each of their bites. Mosquito, gnat, and no-see-um bites differ in these ways:

  • Mosquito bites: Starting as a raised white welt and receding into a pinkish-red bump, these bites are familiar to many. They are often found on arms, legs, and other places where skin is commonly left exposed.
  • Gnat bites: Gnat bites are smaller, darker, and more rough-looking than mosquito bites. They are more painful initially and longer-lasting.
  • No-see-um bites: Because no-see-ums are actually gnats, their bites will look about the same. The main difference with their bites is that they are more likely to occur in closer clusters and in less common locations, like your face.

To summarize, you can tell apart these bites by their color, their proximity to each other, and the duration of their effects.

Preventing Bug Bites in Des Moines IA

Using an EPA-approved bug spray with up to 20% DEET can be a great way to repel these insects during the summer here in Des Moines. However, it won’t work for everybody. If you need extra help with pest control this summer, reach out to the experts at Springer Professional Home Services. We have years of experience dealing with all of these pests and can teach you the best ways to avoid them on your property. For a free quote, contact us today!

No-see-ums vs Gnats vs Mosquito Bites—How Do They Differ? in Des Moines

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