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How to Prevent Bed Bugs in Dorm Rooms

Dorms and rooms in college are breeding grounds for bed bugs. To prevent bed bugs in dorms, you need to be aware of the signs, cover your mattress, and spread bed bug awareness.

To keep college students from spreading bed bugs when traveling, it’s important to do the following:

  1. Inspect luggage and suitcases for bed bugs
  2. Inspect second hand furniture for signs of bed bugs
  3. Cover mattresses with protective covers
  4. Inspect rooms for signs of bed bugs before moving in or out
How to prevent bed bugs in a dorm room | Des Moines IA | Springer Professional Home Services

Bed Bugs in Iowa Colleges

Bed bug infestations are a major problem in student housing. Bed bug infestations are more common in universities that house people from around the world, including those who travel frequently. It is important to be able to identify bed bugs in dorms. Bed bugs can be found in couches, chairs and baseboards. It’s crucial to be vigilant when inspecting dorm rooms for signs of bed bugs, especially since most furniture in these spaces is second-hand.

Do College Students Bring Bed Bugs Home With Them?

This is one of the most common ways for bed bug infestations to begin. Infestations at home commonly start when college students arrive home for the holidays or summer vacation. To avoid this, make sure your college student takes precautions in packing their suitcase, especially if it was used for other travel plans. In addition, take care in having your college student unpack. Thoroughly clean all dirty and clean clothes in a hot wash, steam-clean the suitcase, and store above ground.

Preventing Bed Bugs For College Students

College students need to be proactive about bed bugs. It is important to be aware of the signs and communicate any suspicions about an infestation. If you have pests, it’s important to address the infestation as soon as possible as bed bugs can spread easily from one room to another. You can reduce the likelihood of bed bugs in dorms by keeping your room tidy, covering your mattress, taking care when traveling, and being extra careful when in other people’s rooms.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs in Dorm Rooms

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