Many of us spend a great deal of time and money to get the perfect furniture for our homes. However, furniture is there to be used—not admired from a distance. To stay in great shape, your furniture needs maintenance and regular cleaning. Without it, colors can fade, cushions can wear down, and fabric can become damaged.

Home Care

Extend your furniture’s life by taking good care of it. Here are some home care tips for upholstered furniture.

  • Keep furniture out of direct sunlight to prevent colors from fading.
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture often to remove dust.
  • Don’t lay dark colored blankets or sheets on upholstery; dyes can rub off or bleed onto your furniture.
  • Don’t leave newspapers on your furniture; the ink can transfer and is difficult to remove.
  • Beat, vacuum, and rotate cushions often on high-use furniture to help distribute wear.

Furniture Tags

The tags on your furniture offer a lot of valuable information. Before buying a spotter at the store, check to see how your furniture should be cleaned. There are three primary upholstery cleaning codes:

  • W (wet/water only)
  • S (solvent only)
  • W/S (wet or solvent)

These codes give you a basic idea of how sensitive the dyes and materials in your furniture are.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

We will perform our own tests to determine the best way to clean your furniture. We may ask you how long you’ve had your furniture, whether it’s been reupholstered, and what types of cleaners you’ve used on it, if any. We’ll carefully clean the fabric to remove soiling while avoiding altering the color, finish, or texture.

Jason always does an excellent job! We request him to clean our carpets every time. He is a hard worker and is very courteous! Thanks Jason!

–Jill Sherer