Mosquitoes can carry diseases and viruses like West Nile, malaria, Zika, and yellow fever. If you have a mosquito problem on your property, don’t brush it off; it’s not worth risking the health and wellbeing of you and your family. We will help you get your mosquito problem under control so you can spend time in your yard without worrying about health consequences.

Mosquito Inspection and Control

Mosquito season begins in May and goes through October, so our mosquito services are only available during this time. When you call us to your property, we will perform an inspection to locate mosquito breeding sites at no charge.

If you choose Springer for mosquito control, we can eliminate all possible breeding sites around your home and use our state-of-the-art mosquito protocols so you can have your yard back for the rest of the summer!

Fast Facts About Mosquitoes

  • Mosquito eggs require water to hatch into larvae.
  • Only adult females feed on human blood.
  • Mosquitoes are attracted to dark clothing.
  • O blood types are bitten twice as often as A; B types fall in the middle.
  • All mosquitoes feed on plant nectar.
  • Every three days, females can lay 100–300 eggs.
  • 40 species of mosquitoes exist in Iowa.
  • In Iowa, mosquito season begins in May and goes through October.
  • Mosquitoes favor temperatures around 70–80° Fahrenheit and are most active at dusk and dawn.
  • Pregnant woman attract mosquitoes and may be bitten twice as often as others since their body temperature is one degree higher and they exhale more carbon dioxide.

The Importance of Preventative Pest Control

Preventive pest control is similar to regular maintenance on your car or your yearly doctor’s appointment; you do it to avoid problems rather than correct them. In the same sense, while it may not appear that you need pest control services at the moment, if you wait until the problem is big enough to notice, you could be in serious trouble.

Learn how you can protect yourself, your family, and your home with preventative pest control.

We have had Andrew with Springer coming to check for bugs and rodents for the last year and have been very impressed! They always take care of us and came to check on things when needed. Thank you for the peace of mind!

–Andrea Cooley