Ants live in large colonies, so where there’s one, there are likely dozens more nearby. This means killing one won’t do you any good; you have to kill the entire colony to keep them from repeatedly returning. You can’t typically do this with ant-control products you buy from the store; a professional must locate and deal with the source of the problem.

Ant Control

Spring is when ants can really become a nuisance—when they’re foraging and looking for a dry place to live during the rainy season. Springer controls ants by understanding their biology and behavior, which is the same every year. We know when and how they’re most likely to invade your home.

We start by inspecting your home’s foundation and looking for possible entry points. We then utilize our highly effective TermaPest system to stop ants from entering your home and prevent them from returning by baiting and monitoring them throughout the year.

The Importance of Preventative Pest Control

Preventive pest control is similar to regular maintenance on your car or your yearly doctor’s appointment; you do it to avoid problems rather than correct them. In the same sense, while it may not appear that you need pest control services at the moment, if you wait until the problem is big enough to notice, you could be in serious trouble.

Learn how you can protect yourself, your family, and your home with preventative pest control.

We absolutely love Springer for our pest control. Chris L. has been taking care of our bug control for about 4 years. He is ALWAYS pleasant, helpful and thorough. Even when an issue arises, like when I brought a plant in the house that must have had ants, he came right out and took care of the ants even though it was off our normal schedule and my fault that they found their way inside. If a wasp nest or something shows up, he comes back out. We would not even consider using another company.

–Lisa Cavanah