Our Rug Cleaning Process

Our Rug Cleaning Process

You shouldn’t treat your area rugs the same way you do your carpets. Some area rugs are highly valuable and fragile, composed of natural fibers, sensitive dyes, and other materials that require special care and attention.

Synthetic carpets can be safely cleaned using heat, high water pressure, and strong chemicals, while many area rugs cannot. Instead, they must go through a hand washing process using gentler cleaning products. Since more time and care are required, area rug cleaning is costlier than regular carpet cleaning.

Why Rugs Are Harder to Clean than Carpets

Area rugs often have denser pile construction than carpets, making it more difficult to remove dirt once it makes its way into the fibers and down to the rug’s foundation. Simply vacuuming your rugs won’t effectively remove all pollutants.

If your rugs aren’t professionally cleaned as necessary, they will wear down more quickly. Dirt will dig and cut into your rug as you walk on it, which can lead to soil staining and fiber loss. An area rug cleaning professional can remove harmful elements to keep your rug healthier so it lasts longer.

Our Special Rug Cleaning Process

Before We Clean Your Rug

We’ll start by evaluating your rug’s condition and checking for any problems. Certain conditions, such as color variations or white knots, may exist because of your rug’s weave type. Staining, bleeding, and wear, on the other hand, can sometimes be mended or reversed. We will address any cause for concern and discuss your options with you.



After our initial inspection, we’ll move on to the first stage of cleaning—dusting. Some rugs can hold up to a pound of dirt in a single square foot before they appear dirty! We will place your rug face down on a grate that will vibrate for a prolonged period of time to shake out any embedded dirt.



Before washing, we’ll test your rug for colorfastness. If necessary, we will bathe it in a dye stabilizer to set the dyes. Next, we’ll give your rug a cool water bath using wool-safe detergent and soft brushes. How long we soak your rug will depend on how much soil and spotting needs to be removed. After soaking, we’ll safely rinse your rug with water in our state-of-the-art centrifuge.



95% of the water will be removed in our centrifuge. Afterward, the rug will be placed on a drying rack with air movers to finish.



We’ll carefully clean fringe tassels a second time and dry them.



We will finish by giving your rug a final brush and then prepare it for delivery to your home.


We offer free rug pickup and delivery. Just call 515-262-9229!

Rug Repair

We provide complete care for your rugs. We can repair fringe or side cords, holes, separation, and other types of damage. We can make most repairs at our shop in Des Moines; for specialty repairs, we work with several area rug weavers throughout the United States. Either way, we will make sure your rug is repaired correctly.

Thank you so much, Springer! Our pet had an accident on our very expensive shag area rug, and your team cleaned it so well that the rug looks better today than the day I bought it! Huge thank you to Danny, Tony and Jason. You provided outstanding customer service and your quality is off the charts. When I called to have the rug picked up, I was informed that Danny would be here in less than an hour! I never get customer service like this anywhere. Jason dropped the rug off and was on time and very professional. I would HIGHLY recommend using this company over any other. I will be scheduling my whole house carpet cleaning very soon.

–Abigail Douglas