Unfortunately for us, pests are a problem year round in most parts of the country. While you can always avoid them, you can be alert and aware of what to expect. Here’s when different pests come out throughout the year.


The snow is melting, flowers are blooming, and the pests are at it again. Just as everything else seems to be coming alive, many pests are also making their presence known again. Here’s what pests you can expect to be seeing in the spring months ahead.


You’re not the only one who enjoys a nice spring picnic. As the temperature rises, you can certainly expect to see an increase in ant activity. These tiny critters will be in search of food, which may eventually send them indoors. For this reason, it’s important to keep your home clean and tidy so as to not attract unwelcome guests.


Stinging insects, including bees, begin to emerge in the spring as they awaken from dormancy. Their activity will continue to increase throughout mating season and continue through late spring and early summer when pollination is in full swing.


Unfortunately, termite activity isn’t limited to just a single season, but their lifecycle does somewhat commence in the spring. At this time, termites will leave their nests and begin mating. Spring rainstorms also bring the perfect conditions for termite activity, so monitor your basement for excess moisture, and don’t allow any rotting wood to sit in your yard.


Between the longer days and warmer weather, you’re bound to be spending more time outside. Because of this, there are several pests you’ll need to be aware of and prevent during your time in the great outdoors. Here’s what you can look forward to this summer.


Summer weather provide the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. Hot temperatures and damp conditions create the perfect climate for mosquitos to complete their lifecycle. Practice vigilance whenever you are outside to protect yourself and your family from mosquito bites.


Among other stinging creatures, wasps are at peak population during the summer months. You’ll find that wasps are particularly territorial at this time as they continue to construct their nests. If you find a wasp nest near your home, here’s how to safely remove it.


About 95% of Lyme disease cases are contracted during summer months, which is due to the increase of tick activity during June, July, and August. For this reason, you and your family will need to be particularly careful when out enjoying your favorite activities.


Dropping temperatures signal that winter is coming. For several pests, this triggers the need to find an overwintering home—a place to stay when the outdoor conditions aren’t suitable.

Boxelder Bugs

In the fall, you’ll likely find a number of boxelder bugs congregating around your home. They’re in search of a place to hibernate throughout the cold winter months ahead.

Stink Bugs

Known for their wretched odor, stinkbugs make their unwelcome appearance in the months leading up to winter. They too are seeking shelter and a place to wait out the weather until spring.


Between mating season and dwindling food sources, spiders are at peak activity in the fall. Eventually, the cold weather will completely force them inside, where they’ll attempt to survive in the corners of your home, attic, and garage.


Regrettably, even in the winter when much of the world seems to be dormant, pests are still on the move. Here are a few of winter’s top invaders and why it’s important to engage in year-round pest control.


During the winter months, mice and other rodents seek shelter wherever they can find it. Often, this means shacking up inside your garage, attic, or house. These sneaky little guys will do whatever they can to turn your home into their own personal Holiday Inn.


Their presence is completely unwanted for a number of reasons, one being that they can trigger allergy symptoms and put your household at risk of serious illness. Cockroaches are active year round and can even survive in below-freezing temperatures, but they usually attempt to spend their winters indoors. Because of this, your home is at greater risk for an invasion during the winter months.

Bed Bugs

Holiday travel is often correlated with a rise in bedbug cases, so beware when you bring your belongings home. If you believe you have a case of bedbugs, take these steps to eradicate them from your home.

For year-round pest control, contact the experts at Springer. Our team of pest control professionals can help you keep your home pest free no matter what critter is in season. Take advantage of our residential pest control services and set up your free inspection.

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