For what seems like an eternity of cloudy skies and rainy nights that big yellow orb in the sky has returned to brighten my spirits and dry up my yard (I really got to get it MOWED!).

About my yard? It literally backs up to a forest which houses an ample creek and each Spring (and Fall) I can guarantee you that I will be waging war on moles.

I’ve tried everything! Everything ranging from ‘Eliminating’ their food source with a granular lawn insecticide to kill grubs. Didn’t work, because moles primarily eat earthworms.

I’ve tried the ‘Hungry Cat’ attack, which if my cat didn’t sleep for all but 15 minutes a day showed at least ingenuity.

I’ve tried the Caddyshack Propane Gas Attack. Felt good but I advise you check with your homeowners association and notify your neighbors first. Oops!

This year will be different. No twisted ankles by stepping in a mole run. No damaging my lawn mower running over a mole hill!

No, this year will be different! Because, I’m going to recruit the help of the best trained, Quality-pro certified, professionals in Iowa at Springer Professional Home Services.

Before the rains started, an inspector from Springer came over to my home. They took the time to explain the mole’s biology and habits. They explained what I could expect with their trapping protocols and even better, If I ever needed them to come back between services dates, IT WAS AT NO CHARGE!!

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