Termite Control and Protection

Our exclusive TermaPest solution is designed to detect the presence of termites outside your home before they reach your actual structure. We locate these monitoring systems around the perimeter so we can check activity outside before you have a problem inside.

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Termite Control with TermaPest™

In addition to employing IPM, Springer uses the exclusive, natural TermaPest™ monitoring system and other environmentally friendly management methods to exterminate termites and other pests.

The TermaPest™ system combines complete termite control and pest control with a wood damage warranty. Your soil is monitored 24 hours a day for the appearance of termites; if termites become active and begin damaging your home, Springer’s exterminators intercede, often using Termidor, a highly effective, long-lasting termite control product.

The 5-Step TermaPest™ Termite Control Process:

  1. An inspection determines the presence and types of pests, including termites, their locations and what is sustaining them.
  2. An assessment of potential termite damage and harm is conducted.
  3. The extent of potential pest and termite damage is determined.
  4. TermaPest™ stations are placed along a home’s entire exterior perimeter for constant termite control. Additional environmental pest control treatments include vacuuming, caulking, sealing with foam, lighting adjustments and/or baiting termites.
  5. Termite inspections come with a 1 Year Warranty which can be renewed on an annual basis.

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