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Over $5 billion in damages are caused to homeowners each year by termites in the US alone! Unfortunately, this is damage that is usually not covered by most standard homeowner insurance.

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Professional Termite Inspection for Iowa

During a Springer termite inspection, the company’s experienced professionals visually examine the interior of the home for termites and termite damage, including basements and crawlspaces. They also inspect the exterior foundation and grounds. In addition to termite damage, they search for evidence of their whereabouts, such as termite wings and droppings. They tap the home’s wooden areas to determine hollowness, look for cracks and bubbled painted surfaces, which are all signs of termite damages.

If a Springer pest professional finds a termite problem, they can suggest a course of treatment consistent with the type and location of damage. Springer Pest Solutions utilizes several new termite management methods in the proper measures for each unique situation.

While spotting damaged wood is a good indicator that a home may have termites, it’s more likely that you won’t see them or the damage they create. The reason for this is that termites typically live and work out of sight, low to the ground and rarely chew through wood to reach the outside, which would make them more easily detected.

Because most of termite damage is done quietly and covertly, by the time much of it is discovered repairs can reach into the thousands of dollars. Many homeowner associations recommend having regular termite inspections conducted by experienced professionals – professionals like Springer’s, who can not only spot termites and damage but create a program to stop them now and stop them from returning.

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